Good Saturday morning!

My apologies for the late post. The summer semester came to a draw… you know how that goes. But anyway . .

I heard some news the other day that truly made me nauseous. Motor Authority, which has debated information in the past. Which, honestly, is a lot better than most. But on with the information, Motor Authority reported that Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles plans to. . . . . you might need to take a seat for this. . kill of all HEMI engines.

How, I am asking the same thing. The rest of the article reads Chrysler will begin working on turbo 4-cylinder and Twin-Turbo 6-cylinder power plants. This is both a good thing and bad thing depending on your context. Me? I have a very broad spectrum. I bleed Mopar blue but I love things like Rally, exotic Italian V-12’s, Japanese muscle, and everything in between. So, am I completely and utterly opposed to the turbo? No. Would I like it over displacement? Not really. It all comes down to the situation. Rally cars would be awesome with a boosted 4, as from the past 3 weeks have seen a small window into my soul and witnessed the love I have for Mopar boosted 4 cylinders. I think a twin turbo Pentastar has some true potential to be badass! But… what about vehicles that are iconic with nothing but a V8. I.e. Charger, Challenger, Ram 1500, etc. Some of these cannot survive, in my mind, without a v8, let alone a legendary HEMI engine . . . .

The reason we grew up loving Supra’s and GTR’s is because of their legendary 6 cylinder power plants. The 2JZ and RB26 are legends to the tuning/import crowds. Both of those engines are capable of sporting past the 600hp range on stock internals. This is something truly amazing. I just don’t think in today’s market of ever conscious CAFE standards, and constricting emissions regulations that an engine of that magnitude can be produced and built. Just look at the Viper. I have personally met and talked with one of the Viper God-Fathers at a Tudor United Sports Car Race about Viper’s V10. He said it would be no problem to get a Viper, naturally aspirated, in the 800 horse power range without emissions regulations. Put a new Cam in with, an aggressive profile, with a lot of lift and boom; you have a fire breathing, V10, America monster.

If you follow me on twitter (@AstidySRT) you know I often theorize the end of this Muscle Car era. My guess is they will be extinct by the time this decade is out. Looks like I might be pretty close. What goes up, must come down. This we know. Technology is always evolving and big engines cannot make it forever. So here’s to the future. I can deal with turbo and hybrid technologies in cars that do not have close ties with HEMI engines. I say kill off Challenger and Charger and create a whole new line up to go with the brand new engine. It would be nothing short of treason or blasphemy to have a Turbo 4 cylinder engine. I don’t know what kind of fans the blue oval group of bowtie boys have, but I am fairly confident our customer base will not be on board with turbo 4’s and muscle cars. . . . . .

All I know, whatever comes ill support. I might cry, whine, and complain, but I’ll back it. The thought of our trucks loosing V8 engines in favor of 6 cylinder turbo applications gives me serious chest pains. God Mopar, please god, don’t kill our V8 Ram trucks. Please.  .

Here’s to the future… Bring on the Turbo..