Sky's the limit for FCA!

Good Morning!

Over the week, dealers were invited to a show on the West Coast to see the future of Chrysler. Man, is it a bright future! Reports started rolling in late Tuesday night about some truly incredible things!

First off, I do not know the exact accuracy of these shows. In fact, I am not too sure of even the 5 year plan that was released a little over a year and a half ago. One of the biggest stick outs to me was a GLH Dart. Mopar faithful’s know what GLH means from the old Shelby Omni’s. It signifies “Goes Like Hell”. Mr. Shelby was definitely unique. In my mind I see this GLH Dart looking a lot like the header orange one, with the wild front bumper, that headed to SEMA last year. We also got wind of an R/T Dart. Much like the first pictures of a Dart to emerge back in 2012. It appears to be the same as the GT with R/T badges. The power and trim level difference is unknown. The interesting thing about the GLH Dart is it was said to start under 20,000. If you read my blog over the past three weeks you are perfectly familiar with Chrysler’s love affair with being under $20,000. I’m seeing a stripped down, much like an ACR with all the go-fast-bits. No luxury and all go, basically.

Other big appearances was the Challenger ADR. The “ADR” signs “American Drag Racer”. The Hellcat ADR is said to have a major power bump over the already insane, 700bhp. It will come factory with drag radials and be in wide body format. From the reports I read it will have 315’s all the way around the car with possible extension flares on the quarter panels to account for the extra width of the 315’s. Currently, all Hellcats come with Pirelli 275’s. Take a seat for this last part… It is said to pack 1000hp out of the Blown HEMI!

Another one to tug at the heart, a Dodge Durango with a 392! That’s right! Big HEMI Durango. The only downside to this, a 392 Durango will probably replace our beloved GCSRT. But if this is the worst that happens, we’ll be doing okay.

How about the Charger! In 2018 they confirmed a new body style for the Charger. What really get us Moparians stirred up.. it was said to look like the 1999 Charger concept. Please, If you don’t know what the 1999 Charger concept was, YOUR SOUL NEEDS TO SEE THIS CAR….. On second thought, I’ll just attach a picture. You’re welcome J I was talking with our owner, and he said it was EXTREMLY hard to tell the car was even a 4 door, with unmistakable old school Charger DNA.

Something I wasn’t too happy seeing, and honestly just because it is getting so old.. A Barracuda concept. How can I not be excited, you ask? In 2008 when the Chally came out, on its heels were TONS of renderings and rumors of a Cuda that was just a Challenger with the old Cuda grill. This is amazing, yes. I love seeing old Legends brought back. But… We have just been doing this for sooooooooooooooo long. Its confirmed one day and not the other. It had its best chance under SRT. Now it’s back with Dodge, its supposed to be a Dodge Cuda.. See that just doesn’t work. I also don’t know how happy I am about it having a twin turbo V6. Old muscle cars needs HEMI’s. But, could this be the start of something brilliant like a 2JZ? Only time will tell. Dawn the Twin Turbo Pentastar V6s!!!

Other big notables were Ram trucks and of course the center piece to FCA… Jeep. The dealers saw pieces of the new truck, a new dubbed JL Wrangler, and pictures of a Rover fighting- near 100,000 dollar Jeep Grand Wagoneer. They said the Grand Wagoneer wasn’t exactly dripping in Sex Appeal, but the interior was to die for! As long as it has true Jeep capability, sign me up! Imagine a Trailhawk Grand Wagoneer.  What also caught a lot of attention as a new Jeep Compass concept. It was said to look phenomenal! The Italians also showed up with a lot with a Fiat 124 Spyder and some, stunning as always, Alfa Romeo’s! Not to forget our Italian badasses, Maserati’s!

The Future does truly look brilliant! We also heard some early reports of a Challenger T/A with a 340 cubic inch Hemi. That really blew me away with no back seat as stripped down racers. No one else seems to have saw this, so it’s looking like someone may have confused it with the ADR or were simply stretching the truth.

Either way, some truly incredible things are headed our way!


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