MOPAR 4x4's

It has been hypothesized that less than 0.2% of the world’s land mass is covered by pavement. This is staggering when realizing how much of the world we actually see driving on maintained paved roads.

Good thing about present day, all automakers are offering more 4x4 and AWD vehicles, than ever before. For example Jeep sold 1 million, that’s 1,000,000, Jeeps just in the fiscal year of 2014.. Confounding!

Fiat-Chrysler offers many top performing 4x4 vehicles. Obviously at the top of the hill is the Jeep Wrangler. Body-on-frame, solid axel, short wheel base, legendary 4x4 traction management system, the Wrangler is the cream of the crop for wheeling. Rugged, dependable, and utterly timeless in design, Wrangler IS the most off road capable vehicle in the world. One can simply drive off the show room floor and straight into 30 inches of water, without breaking a sweat. That’s right, there’s nothing like a Wrangler ladies and gents.

Ram trucks are getting into the spirit of the great outdoors as well. As pioneers of domestic 4x4’s, Dodge was the first manufacture to offer 4x4 to civilians. That’s right; it was a sad 2WD life until the Dodge Brothers came along! RAM offers “The Outdoorsman” package with available Ram boxes and a number of different features. I’m sure you’ve seen the RAM Rebel advertise by now. Aimed at being a factory ordered mild to moderate off roader, it has been very impressive in reviews.  

What if you’re a young adult looking for a 4x4 but can’t afford a 40 grand truck or a starter Trailhawk at 30 to 35 large. Jeep has you covered there with the Renegade. They’re fun little crossovers with tons of options for customization.  They offer best in class (by far) 4x4 capability that you’ve come to expect from Jeep.

Get away from the snow-blues and come to Autoworld for your new 4x4!


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