Good morning Music lovers!

As it is, Chrysler products have always had pretty good standard sound systems, from factory. Nice head units, subwoofer capable, descent amount of speakers, and of descent quality. Most people would be perfectly happy with this. I know I am, in my Dart.

But what for those that live in Beats headphones? Those who constantly have music playing in their head? Those who naturally have rhythm and a soul-on-fire passion for music? –Well, I’ve got the answer.

It is not a secret all automakers offer some sort of upgraded sound system for their vehicles. It’s usually an option to any trim over the baseline and usually run in price right around a grand.

Here’s the thing. My delivery truck, I spend a great deal of time in per week, has the Alpine 9-speaker sound system with a subwoofer.

Regardless of the genre of music you listen to, the system sounds amazing. Of course the sound is fully customizable, with crystal clear notes, pounding bass, and everything in the middle. I typically keep it on The Highway (Channel 56), or Pop 2k (Channel 10). This is a wide array of music to cover, so I’ve experienced Alpine System in most settings.

I know what you’re thinking; especially the car people reading. Why not just build your own system for half the cost? Perhaps, yes. I’ve done this with almost every vehicle I own, nothing wrong with it. To me, my time and money would be better spent on other modifications. To me, I trust the people that live and breathe audio, to install and tune a sound system.

The Uconnect 8.4 AN radio/NAV unit, the speakers, the ‘woofer, all seem to be placed around the cabin in precise and calculated locations. They come together for harmony that makes driving not a hobby, or activity, but almost a vise. I crave getting behind the wheel and tuning in that highway FM. (Sorry, Maren)