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Don’t know if you guys saw or not, but there are a couple of special edition RAM trucks heading to us.

The biggest is a Mojave Sands RAM Rebel. Jeep lovers should recognize this wrangler color; from the best I can tell it will be the exact same paint code. If you’re not familiar with Mojave Sands, It is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a light color or sand. The tactical crowd, it’s a basically a Flat Dark Earth RAM truck. And what’s better then at FDE Rebel? That’s correct, nothing.

pickup truck trail

Next up is the “Ignition Orange” RAM truck. Very close to what we have now. Auto world actually has one sitting on our lot now! Come check her out! But it will continue for 17 with bright orange paint, sport hood with black decal, black badges, LED lighting, and “copperhead” interior accents.

Ignition Orange sport

These may not be much, but the RAM guys up at Auburn Hills really seem to be catching on to the pickup truck crowd, with the customization and after market, just factory delivered.

That’s something we haven’t seen since the peak of the RAM SRT-10 back around ‘05. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact we still offer a 2WD RAM R/T truck that is damn-near just as fast as the Viper Truck back in the day, but we need more…

Gas prices are low, Trump is in the White House, American “Deplorables” are begging for big, over-powered, factory ordered pre-runners and sports car killers! This is America, we need them! The time is now!

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And for the love of God…. NO MOTHER *&%$#@! TURBO V6s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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