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New for 2017 is something I’ve been hoping and wishing for, for years now. In the heavy duty line for RAM trucks you can now get an “Off-Road” Package.

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Sure, all trucks have a good bit of off-road proficiency to them, but what about a the gentlemen working the farm, in the logging, mining, fracking, or general outdoor industry that needs a truck that can run oversize tires, have a decent suspension, and of course a proper set of skid plates? As we all know the Power Wagon will answer that call of duty in spades. Most power wagons also get into the mid-60s in price; that substantial for regular blue collar joes who clock in every day in a family of 4. The Off-Road package can be added to a basic truck with saves 10 to even 15 thousand. That’s a great deal in the long run.

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But enough of the money side, the technical side is where the package shines. The price differs from the truck you choose, but most of the time it comes in somewhere under a grand. You get Bilstein shocks on all 4 corners, fender flares, off road tires, limited slip diff, and of course a higher ride height. Off Road magazine stated “We think a 315/70R17 would fit cleanly in the wheel-wells on the factory wheels.” That’s pretty cool, right off the assembly line.

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Just wanted to give the Off-Road package a little spot light time, since it seems to be looked over, and not getting any attention. It’s something us enthusiasts have been missing since they moved on from an off-road package.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and has a Merry Christmas.

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