I am probably the wrong one to talk about fashion, for the simple reason, I don’t know anything about it. It’s a forward industry that is so fluid from one day to the next.

What I do see is the exposure of high fashion in F1 and various other Sport Car racing series. First thing that comes to my mind is all the Hugo Boss logos and advertisements around the Mercedes F1 team.




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One of my big things are the Key Fobs. What used to be bare metal pieces have evolved into super sexy financial statements about your taste and manner. Today, they come dazzled in exotic glass covers, plastic molded into designs of the car, LCD screens, and my favorite of all, Key Fobs that control power.. (If you know, you know). You can even get gold, platinum, and diamond trimmed key fobs on the most exclusive Hypercars.

Bugatti Veyron Topspeed Car Key 

I’m sure it’s old news by now but of course everyone knows about Hellcat’s Red Key that control the output of the Supercharged HEMI.




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Have you seen our new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Keys? Very sleek.




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Viper key fobs, too!




 Image result for SRT viper key fob

Image result for SRT viper key fob

How about the BMW 7 series Key Fob that has a built in LCD screen?




 BMW 7 Series Automobile Key

Have you seen the Tesla Key Fob that is basically a matchbox version of the car, with whatever part you touch on the fob, the reaction happens on the car. Like if you want the door to open, you touch where the door would be on the fob, and it unlocks that part on the actual car.




 Tesla Model S Car Key Fob

Now, what about the key fobs that isn’t made for us mere mortals? Have you seen the 2.8 Million dollar platinum and diamond encrusted Koenigsegg key fob? Prepare yourself… 




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Image result for koenigsegg diamond key

What really got me thinking about this was the Matthew Mcconaughey Lincoln commercial. I am not a Lincoln fan, and I absolutely detest the Ford Motor Company. They’re going at Cadillac (which I also hate) and trying to demonstrate their luxury and refinement with a handsome gentleman like Mcconaughey, getting dressed in the best clothes and accessories, and they are very careful to show him grabbing the odd looking key fob off the table before he heads out. No other keys attached to it, just a sleeking looking fashion statement, which raises eye brows when it’s placed down on a bar, giving people the impression he’s a man of means.

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Filling in at the service department whenever needed, people really treat their keys different than before. Most really revere the fact they look so cool, and serve many functions.

Chrysler Neon Glow In The Dark Car Key

Bottom lines, keys no longer just open doors and go into ignitions. They are permanently attached to purses and expensive bags. They are worn around the necks of flaunters. They are placed down on counters by themselves and kept very close like phones.























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