Window's to the Soul

All has to do with the eyes, the eyes are everything. Remember that scene in Fast and Furious (4), when Toretto is looking at the Gran Torino that wrecked Letty in the 70 Road runner; Gisele walks in and they talk about what type of women Toretto is into, and he talk about it all starts with the eyes. Well, a lot of the movie is tremendously over-dramatic, but that part… totally factual.

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The reference, the women, the girls, are symbolic of the Automobiles. Every car guy can tell you, we revere automobiles as fine women. We look, lust, dream about them in a much more intense fashion, then anyone can understand. I know I’m taking the long way around, but just bear with me, the headlights. The headlights are the eyes of our proverbial women. Chances are if you don’t get it, maybe it’s not for you, but if you do, you knew what I was talking about from the start.

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We are living in excited times. Old dingy halogen lights are sickening, look at Jeep, Dodge, Viper, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc. etc. etc. These sexy headlights have become branding. The Audi’s have sharply angled very square LED DRLs. BMW’s excel in using the LED halos for identification. Our Challengers have the glowing rings around the headlights. I could just go on and on, but I digress.

There’s so much I want to say here, so I apologize if my thoughts come out sporadic and scatter-spread.

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Audi, fans of Sports Car racing know where I’m going, LASER LIGHTS! The E-Tron Hybrid Turbo Diesel R18 Prototype Race cars look like phantoms with the night falls. Ever watched Le Mans? The cars look like phantoms with headlight beams that look like howitzers. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge, the Laser Headlights are still in testing. I think the biggest obstacle to overcome in the laser light field is heat. That was the coolest (pun intended) thing when Audi released what they were going to do with the heat problem. The Headlights have special scoops designed to channel the air through the headlight assembly to cool the Laser element; insanely cool! I saw a chat that demonstrated the lights and it was mind blowing. The Laser lights aren’t on all the time. There is standard LED low beam, LED high beam, then the Laser high beam that realllllllllly makes the light travel. Coolest part, the Laser lights are so focuses, you really don’t have to worry about annihilating another driver’s retinas, because they’re focused to only stay in the drivers’ lane, baring it’s on a straight road. I know what you’re saying, how many roads are straight, well just like out vehicles, the Audi uses a senor to immediately detect on coming driver and shut down the laser light high beam. It’s incredible innovation.

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Eye contact, eye color, so much of day to day life interactions have to do with looking in the eyes. Face to face interaction with people, when you can look into their soul is how the best relationships are made in business and all other facets of life. We all love a girl but deep blue eyes, it’s a feature that is synomous with beauty and a trait that is lusted after. Our automobiles, the supermodels to us enthusiasts, the eyes are all the same.

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Maybe it means more to me. I LOVE lights and headlights of all kinds. Every vehicle I have owned has had more lights installed, light color temperature alterations, complete headlight bucket changes, or completely even changes in light type. Inside the cabin, outside, reverse lights, off road lights, just lights are what I love on an automobile. Here going into 2017, light are all the rage. Illuminate the world! I think I’ll close there, and not go on for pages upon pages. Thanks so much for reading!


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