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What makes a Jeep a Jeep? Wrangler is synonymous with the word Jeep. Therefore, Jeep is synonymous with the world 4x4. Did you know in other countries, any 4x4 is called a “Jeep”? So, yeah, they’re a big deal. Jeep Wrangler basically has a market, in which it’s the sole competitor, and it’s no secret, the Jeep brand and mentality have been cash cows for Chrysler.

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It’s not that the Wrangler hasn’t been challenged. You’ve had legendary vehicles like the Land Cruiser, Land Rovers, Hummers, G-Wagons, Broncos, etc. All have entered the market, guns blazing, with expectations to take over the word, but the Jeep just keeps on keeping on. Will we ever see anything dethrone the Wrangler? Probably not, but we all know to never say never.

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G-Wagons are very capable vehicles, but still not Rubicon capable. They also have the mall-crawler reputation with being driver by rich metrosexual gentlemen.

Hummers were…. AWFUL! They took something people associated with a real Mil-Spec HUMVEE, put it on a Z71 Colorado chassis with no real off-road add-on’s. Remove your hats as we observe a moment of silence for the miserable General Motor Quagmire that was the Hummer.



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Now, the bronco, much like the old blazers, Ramchargers, and Traildusters, was good. Probably the closest thing an American Manufacture has made that has a following like the Jeep. I’ve personally owned many Ramchargers and my dad has a Trailduster with the capability of removing its massive metal top.  Badass vehicle’s, none the less! We all love an honest to god, full size SUV, ON A TRUCK LADDER FRAME!!!!! None of that Unibody nonsense…….. (No offense XJ,ZJ,WJ, etc. guys)

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Now for one of the two voted most likely to succeed; the Land Rover is a great vehicle, with a historic past. Europeans look at it like our Jeep. The old Willys Jeeps won the European Front in WWII. They had an unstoppable nature, transport people quickly over rough terrain, and kept the supply chain moving to keep up with the allied Front. The Brits were so impressed; they decided to build their own, dawn the Rover Discoveries. It’s not that the Range Rovers lost the off-road capabilities, it’s just now they are wrapped with luxury with most coming in under 100k, and above 60K on price, with many never seeing anything more than a salty winter highway. The Ford days were also horrid, when they owned Rover and Jaguars. Pathetic engines, cheap interiors, with zero refinement. Thankfully they have been under new ownership for quite some time and both are back to making excellent vehicles. Again a new Discovery’s still retain a lot of heritage and a lot of wheeling capability, but still not where close to a Rubicon. Plus do you really want sink up your 55.000 British pound (70,000 USD) rover up on the Rubicon trail, or Hell’s Revenge? Negative, Ghost Rider.

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The FJ, when Toyota brought it back out in the mid-2000s, this vehicle had a lot of possibility to challenge the Wrangler. One of the trims offered lockers, 4 low, a lot of skid plates, and great wheel travel. They seem to had everything going for them, but again fell short. They seem to take on too much of a refined stand, much like the Rover, without being “Jeep enough” for the 4 wheelers. FJs are known around the world. Everyone has grand expectations for the new Bronco coming in 2018 (Eco Boost powered… LOLOLOLOL), but still won’t be enough.

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Now I know what you’re thinking; you’re probably bashing the JK and screaming about how the Hard Rock and Sahara trims make JKs into mall crawlers. That is true unfortunately. Heated seats, 9-speaker Alpine sound system, NAV, luxury leather wrapped everything, etc. They do have these features, but the tops still unbolt or lay back. The windshield lays down, the doors slide off, etc. Jeep has done something so special, it’s like what Top Gear said about the LFA. It’s such a perfect master piece, it can never be recreated. It’s a thing of happenstance that turns out to be a world-renowned jewel. God bless the Wrangler. To quote Car & Driver, “If the FCA executives ever mess with the Wrangler, they better get in one and head for the hills”.

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