New Compass!

So as I'm sure you've heard the new Compass has debuted online with some images straight from FCA. I think it looks sweet! I'm not going to reiterate the same things you've read on all the blogs and online articles. What I do want to mention is a few things that stood out to me.

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First off, they mentioned a turbocharged 2.0 4-banger. Is this the illustrious Hurricane engine we've heard so much about, that was supposed to be in a SRT Dart then the GLH Dart and all those broken dreams? I am very anxious to see this engine and even happier to see if it has a manual option with it. The 1.4T, a fine engine for a very compact vehicle like a Fiat, but left alot to be desired powering bigger American vehicles.

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FCA mentioned the open air driving experience, as well. That means a lot to Jeep enthusiasts and buyers alike. No matter the Jeep, we all think of the open air freedom the Wrangler gives us and the never ending quests to de-door every Jeep every made ever in the Summer time. Why? Because this is AMERICA, BY GOD! And how are you supposed to see bald eagles flying above with pesky doors and roofs getting in the way... I am praying for some MySky panels like in the Renegades!

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Lastly the pictures we've all seen in the obvious Trailhawk trim package picture, with the Compass setting in a nature background/scene. Jeep touts the Compass with have best-in-class 4x4 system avalible for the C-Segment vehicles which is a fancy word for "Smaller than medium" Jalopnik says. Is it going to be a Wrangler Rubicon with front and back lockers? NO! And that's not the point. Please dont be one of 'those guys'. Its supposed to be refined affordable and a little bigger than a Renegade. The fact that is still retains some Jeep DNA and is LIGHT-YEARS ahead of anything else in the class in terms of off-roading is what should be appreciated. 

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I know you'd expect a Cherokee to look like a baby-Grand Cherokee, but as it seems that's what Jeep has deemed the Compass worthy of. Lets just go with it and appreciate another capable Jeep!!! 
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