Clearance, Clarence.

Being that it is Valentine’s Day, I won’t hark on the end of an “era” we Car Enthusiasts are living through, where the big engines, and hell, even the Naturally Aspirated power plants are coming to an end, no, I’ll spare you the pains of my smoldering spirit and breaking heart (RIP Viper).

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This day is all about giving credit to the people, things, and places we love. I want to shed some light on an option, I love to see on trucks, that is widely overlooked.

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Can we give it up for Clearance Lamps?! How cool are “Lights on the Cab”? They look awesome, and serve an actual purpose of, but not for clearance.

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The reason behind the first thoughts was, if you see a truck heading down the highway and see all the clearance lamps along the trailer, top of the cab, and the edges of the fenders, you know it is a commercial transporter. It is all in the name of safety, and a DOT law in many states. Plus…. They just look sooooo sweet!

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