Durango & Demon: Family Hints

Aaaaand Good Wednesday morning!

A lot of great things going on in the land of MOPAR! Durango SRT, Dodge Demon SRT, exciting times we’re living in!

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First up, the Demon:

I know a lot of people are saying it is going to be a 757hp car, but here’s the thing. There’s just no way Dodge would invest that much time, that much money, build alllllllllllll that hype for a 50hp gain. Could you fathom the disappointment? And here’s the thing. The Hellcat’s power was unveiled by a radio being tuned to channel 70s on 7 on the damn Uconnect in 3 (THREE!) pictures out of the hundreds swirling around the internet.  It just wouldn’t be that obvious… or would it?

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If you read my FB post, then I need not say anymore.

Did you see FB this morning?!? This one even got by me! On SRT Durango pictures released yesterday, the updated performance pages showed a power level over 900 almost 1000!!!!!! There is no way in hell that Durango is making that power, do you know what is? THE DODGE CHALLENGER SRT DEMON!!!!!!!!

That is worth celebrating mi amigos.

A production 900hp car.. and By God, it’s a Mopar.


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