Carpe diem .. In a RAM

Hey guys, this post isn’t as much about a product or part, but more of a personal experience that I feel needs to be shared. If you’re a football fan, I’m sure you heard Tony Romo talk about how you have 2 enemies: The man across from you, and the one in your head, and once you beat the one in your mind, the one across from you doesn’t matter as much. Keep that in mind.

I love the summer months. Some of the greatest times in my life, have taken place in the summer. Whether it was the countless times spent swimming for an hour, skateboarding for an hour, then riding 4 wheelers for an hour, on an endless cycle as a kid; or the summers of my teen years working part time, spending each and every Saturday night smoking cigars and playing the Halo franchise games into god awful hours of the night, or my time partnered with the NASA  program in Wise, working around some truly brilliant people that have made a lifelong impact on who I am now. The summer has always been my best months.

There comes a time in life when you are thrust into the adult world, where you are forced to sink or swim. Some people come out looking like Michael Phelps, and some seem like they’ve never swam before. I like most, found myself struggling at first, but with the help of the greatest family in the world, and some ride-or-die friends, I eventually found my footing. You get into the swing of bills, managing time efficiently, learn stress management skills, learn the virtues important to you, and you keep moving. Classes come and go, you develop a ‘work family’, money comes and goes, people come into your life, and exit; everything seems to fast paced and rushed. If you’re like me, you found yourself on a daily basis, wishing things were as they were, when you were a child or teenager.

Until the fiscal year of 2016, I was so quick to dismiss mental health problems of others as personal problems, and not relating it to a sickness, or a medical issue. I find myself embarrassed or ashamed even now, because my view point has drastically changed. I was hopeless and had basically accepted the fate, the adult world was awful, and the best days of my life had truly came and gone.

The car selling business wasn’t for me. People didn’t seem to care nearly as much about the features and specs of the cars as the romantic idea in my head. Thankfully I had an opportunity to try my hand in the service department around the fall of 2015. I liked it much more than car sales, and knew I was getting warmer to my niche. The Winter of 16-17 I had an opportunity to experience a parts counter. I loved it, it is more of a technical job, where product knowledge comes into play much more. In January of 2016 I got the opportunity start my dealers wholesale department. It has been stressful with many ups and downs, but l have really found a burning passion for the business. We are directly responsible for the flow of Mopar parts to the customer, which intern concludes with happy customers with their Mopar back in their driveways. It is no secret Chrysler posts some of the lowest customer satisfaction scores. One man can’t change the world, but I do fancy myself as a knight, crusading the charge, trying to make an impact for my brand, that I love dearly. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course. How do you improve that satisfaction scores? One customer at a time.

Little did I know, I was stumbling on one of the best summers of my 22 years of life. Sure I got to spend some time at the lake with family and got to do some fun things outside of work, but the biggest jewel of the summer of ’16 crown was Ashely.

Ashley was a 2015 Ram 1500 Crew Cab, in Laramie trim, painted in granite clear coat. I got the keys in late March, never thinking I’d make it through the week driving it, but against all odds, my GM at the time, never mentioned swapping me into anything else. My expectation of a week tops, turned into 7 months and about 15,000 miles. Those of you that know me, know I love nothing more than driving and spending time around our upper trim automobiles. To make a long story short (& omit the sexual explicit feelings I forged with that RAM) I got to live my dream, and live it up! Those miles, I remember them. I remember sitting behind that windscreen, the granite metallic paint glistening on the hood, all the widows down with wind blowing, Alpine sound system up as loud as it would go, sitting in a ventilated leather seat, HEMI rumbling along the four-lane at 65 under my feet, with a couple thousand dollars of parts strapped down in the pickup box. Little did I know, I had reached my nirvana, as life was as good as it has ever been, and I was on the peak of all peaks.

More often than not, I was out late delivering parts way past closing time. I would find myself riding home with that wholesome satisfaction of a day’s work, into the dusky dark with my RAM leading the way, through the summer night fire flies. On the flip side, I would go to leave my house around 6:30am, and I would walk out to see her sitting there covered in dew, ready for another day. Firing up that HEMI on those mornings, my vocabulary of english language words, cannot describe the summation of those emotions. It was the best time, where everything was the best case scenario. Life was the crème of the crop.

I am but human, like everyone else. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t get enjoyment out of people complementing my truck at gas stations, or when I would pull up at a body shop, the guys would jeer me, about being so lucky, and they were exactly right. I was unbelievably fortunate to be doing what I was, in that truck, all while working towards the goals I had a shot at. A near $50,000 truck isn’t easy to come by. Most people don’t get to spend the amount of time I did in this truck, and get to know those automobiles on a more personal level. I thoroughly enjoyed my time tasting the good life. Sure I crave it, but maybe In time I’ll get my very own RAM, but it was still nice to get to fake live it in my early 20s. I think Dr. Seuss said it best, “smile because It happened, do not cry because it is over.” I know I probably butchered that….. Oh well.

If you’ve read this far, thank you, and I love you. I’ll bring this thing full circle now. The problem with life is, we never know we are “living in the good days”, until they have passed. Here I was thinking I’d never get back to those levels of satisfaction and wellbeing, turns out, I was living them.

I think we look back on times past, with rose colored glasses, omitting all small things that were thought catastrophic at the time. What I’m really getting at is, learn from my experience and give things time. The adult world seems rough to us 90s babies, but we just may fall into our own personal heaven. Just take it all in, and enjoy the ride, it’s all a big adventurous journey.


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