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The Ram 1500 Shows Exceptional Durability

The Ram 1500 continues to impress consumers and remains an iconic light-duty pickup truck. And it is a pretty powerful model for its "light-duty" delineation. The durability features do impress, as consumers should expect. Ram puts out some incredible models, and the Ram 1500 proudly continues the tradition.

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Off-Road Add On

New for 2017 is something I’ve been hoping and wishing for, for years now. In the heavy duty line for RAM trucks you can now get an “Off-Road” Package. Just wanted to put the spot on it, since it seems to be looked over, and not getting any attention. It’s something us enthusiasts have been missing since they moved on from an off-road package.
Off-Road Package

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America's Truck

Don’t know if you guys saw or not, but there are a couple of special edition RAM trucks heading to us. FDE RAM Rebel and Ignition Orange that just screams "Harley-Davidson" to me. The RAM guys really seem to be catching on to what the pick-up truck buyer wants. They're paying a suitcase full of money, better justify their purchase with a badass truck that screams AMERICA!
Ram 1500 Mojave Sand

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Window's to the Soul

Remember that scene in Fast and Furious (4), when Toretto is looking at the Gran Torino that wrecked Letty in the 70 Road runner; Gisele walks in and they talk about what type of women Toretto is into, and he talk about it all starts with the eyes? They're talking about the car, but he's referring to his taste in women. Our automobiles, the supermodels to us enthusiasts, the eyes are all the same.
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