Carpe diem .. In a RAM

This post isn’t as much about a product or part, but more of a personal experience that I feel needs to be shared. Just live life to the fullest and seize every opportunity. Life will present you with opportunity, I promise. 
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Recruitng Dodge's AWD Army

First day of snow, for this year’s winter in SWVA!  If you’re like me, you caught yourself thinking of an AWD this morning. Perfect timing for Dodge with the GT Challenger? Seems so! Polar Vortexes, flurries of snow on and off, just fits the mood to talk about AWD cars!
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Off-Road Add On

New for 2017 is something I’ve been hoping and wishing for, for years now. In the heavy duty line for RAM trucks you can now get an “Off-Road” Package. Just wanted to put the spot on it, since it seems to be looked over, and not getting any attention. It’s something us enthusiasts have been missing since they moved on from an off-road package.
Off-Road Package

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